About the AFMOI.

Our Growth Story

First Success

Our journey began when PS along with his partner facilitator conducted his first successful program for Final Year Students of Dr NGP Institute in Coimbatore for 100 numbers where the average rating from 97% of students are 9/10 and few also quoted only shortage of time for low scores.

This success validated the pressing need for such a program and we plan to extend this in a more professional format through this academy.

We plan to approach this through institutional mode to begin with and later explore the possibility of retail as well.

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The best platform to share your knowledge and enhance learning.

-An Instructor


  • We are not just soft-skill trainers
  • We are not just motivational speakers
  • We bring to  you the “Market Reality Picture”
  • We bring to you “What Market Expects”
  • We show you “Areas to Explore”
  • We show you how important it is to “Stand-out and Differentiate”
  • We make you “Think and Act”

Vision,Mission & Goals

To inspire, orient & transform the minds of the students for  personal, professional & social life and become job ready with the highest self esteem and thereby take Tamil Nadu to top the list of employability in India by 2022.

  1. To make Tamil Nadu as number 1 in employability in India by 2022. (Social)
  2. To inspire, orient & transform the minds of the people for the highest self esteem in personal, professional, social  & spiritual life.(Organisational)

To be the number 1 institutional and retail training company in the employability enhancement and training industry by 2020 in Tamil Nadu in terms of quality and customer satisfaction and thereby the market share.

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