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Chennai Floods- MyThought gates opened
It’s the long pending scribbling which I have drafted and reserved in my mind for the last one month after the Chennai deluge in December 2015.May be after the Chennai incident I have to be more cautious if I reserve it for more time in my mind it may overflow and hence thought of opening it today. I was one of the middle class Chennaite who couldn’t reach home for 4 days but lucky to stay in a serviced apartment .But those 4 days I had my colleague who lost all his household items with 15 feet of water around his house. My family members were not reachable and no electricity /power at times .Managed with 1 dress we were wearing ,but thankfully we had mobilized money to buy few new ones for the next 3 days stint. When I started back home on the first day I never knew I have to stay back in the city for the next 3 days without contact with my family .I know I took the risk of starting late in the evening but I couldn’t relate that it shall be a 3 day stay with no connectivity .Those 3 days were the days for me learn and realize few things. I had a comfortable bigger MUV which couldn’t take me to my destination. I had a superb mobile phone which couldn’t connect me to my kid and hear his voice. I had plastic money to swipe ,but the floods wiped the city and no one was there to see the value of plastic money when they have lost the elasticity of smiles. That’s when I started thinking about the Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z and their behavioral pattern based on experience and exposure they get. I was trying to correlate this flood and the impact on our behavioral pattern/characteristics in the minds of the generation I am experiencing/being part of.I am sure the crowd I am part of is the one who got into a decent package after the IT boom/MBA, owning a flat/apartment /car within 30-35 years of age and would have experienced the accessibility to all comforts through money with minimal or less discomfort or experience of this sort. I am sure this flood would have given us a lesson when our car or flat couldn’t get us milk or basic food for 3-4 days. We may have to travel by boat or stay in schools among the common men for those 3-4 days. These 3-4 days might have made us ashamed, when we think of days during which we might have overtaken a two wheeler/car to satisfy our ego, wasted our restaurant food, or had the pride of being part of the salaried community. I came out rather I was one of the earliest to drive my car in the risky roads after the rains, to experience the behavioral changes post this rain I found vehicles moving at normal speeds ,no rash driving ,calmness and politeness in the people’s face for a week. I could see it visible and experience it with each and every person I came across for 1 week post the incident. I started thinking such destruction leave an everlasting psychological impact on generations of that era which molds their characteristics for betterment of human race. I can’t be in humane to write such floods are good ,but I am happy and I would be glad if we could learn what’s the real value of life which money or physical assets cannot buy . We have to tell us every day when we wake up ,what we have today might not be there tomorrow or of no use ,except the love and care which we share to the mankind around us today .Lets Live to Love and Love to Live

August 10, 2017

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